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Healthy Dog Treats


Dog owners can make use of dog treats particularly during training of their dogs or for the purposes of rewarding them for their good behaviors. However, care should be taken on what they are given. The following are some of the healthy that can be given to the dogs. One of them is sliced apples. Sliced apples are healthy for dogs. However, the dog owner should remove the seeds before feeding them since apple seeds have cyanide which can turn deadly if ingested. Apples are a rich source of vitamin C which provides good protection against harmful effects of free occurring radicals. However, not all fruits should be fed to the dogs. Some of them such as avocados and grapes can be toxic to the dogs. 


Another healthy Betsy Farms usa dog treats is the chicken jerky. The meal is rich in protein and low in carbohydrate. It is, however, important to ensure that the chicken jerky meal is from a reputable company. It is especially important to take on chicken products that are poorly manufactured as most of them has led to many dogs getting ill after being fed and in some cases dying.


Another healthy treat for the dogs is the oatmeal. This meal is a good source of grain and the in particular ones that are allergic to wheat. It is important to ensure that they are fed the meal when it is cooked without adding sugar or flavoring. Oat meal is especially important in helping the dog maintain a regular bowel movement. Check out to learn more about dog treats.


There are other several organic Betsy Farms treats available in the market. One of them is wet nose organic dog treat. These are certified organic products that are manufactured with human grade ingredients. They have an appealing smell and contain wholesome ingredients in addition to organic floors. Some of the ingredients they have include organic oat flour, fresh apples, organic whole oats, and fresh carrots among many others. Plato small bites are dog treats that are designed for dogs that have skin problems, food sensitivities, allergies and weight problems.


They are typically prepared by cooking and not freeze drying. The products do not contain any added sugars, artificial preservatives or artificial colors. They are a good source of proteins as they are made from 75% organic chicken. The honest kitchen smooches are the other dog treats that manufactured using human-made ingredients. The treats come in shape of a little heart. These products are suitable for dogs that have weight problems.