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Dog Treats: A Guide


Having a pet dog is a responsibility that should be handled very carefully. This involves taking time to learn about what you are feeding your dog. There is a variety of dog treats in the market nowadays. Dog treats are meant to express affection to the dog, reward a given dog behavior, or for any other reason, the dog owner may find fit. Knowing the best dog treat may be a difficult challenge given the dog communication to you may not be understandable. Some items to consider when purchasing or home making dog treats are.


Dog owners should be aware of the ingredients used in making the dog treats. Usually, the package materials have such information with the percentage of each component of the ingredient. This is vital to avoid giving your dog, Betsy Farms treats with a high percentage of calories. It is important for dog treats to have nutritional components required by dogs.


It is also important to consider the age of the dog. Some treats may pose choking risk to young age dogs therefore as a dog owner ensure that the dog can consume the treats safely. Some of the manufacturers of dog treats will have instruction in the age group of the dogs that the particular dog treat is most suitable for. This has to do this the strength of the dogs' teeth; many people assume that bone treats are good to all dogs. Although, they may cause teeth damage on some dogs.


Dogs treat should also be given according to how much the dog has been active during the day. If you spent the whole day at the park with your dog playing, then it is good to give the dog some treat. But if the dog spent all day sitting around the house doing nothing but sleeping most time of the day, then you should reduce the number of dog treats you give it on that particular day. As much as you love giving your dog treats it is important to control the amount depending on how active the dog has been. This not only serves to excite the dog every time you visit the parks as it knows it will have some dog treat but also keeps the dog healthy.  Read to know more about dog treats.


Also, you can consult your dog veterinary officer on the best dog treats on the market.  Dog veterinary officers are experts on healthy dog diet and therefore will give you great advice on what your dog meals should have, learn more here!