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The Best Healthy Treats That You Can Give Your Dog


Most dog owners are keen on how they treat their dogs. A lot of people who own dogs are concerned about the way they take care of their dog and the health of their pets. In the process of treating their dogs well, most of the dog owners end up giving their dogs unhealthy snacks and treats that are nutritionally deficient. When a dog is given many treats that are high in calories and fat, they are likely to gain a lot of weight and may become obese which is very harmful to their health. A dog that is living in an unhealthy diet may suffer from a heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other terminal illnesses that may even lead to their death. For you to maintain healthy canines for your dogs, it is advisable that you offer them healthy treats. You can offer healthy treats that will add important minerals to the body of your dog.


Consider feeding your dog fresh vegetables rather than processed foods. Most dogs love vegetables and you can give them a combination of peas, carrots or green beans. The dogs will love the combination and they will benefit a lot nutritionally from consuming the foods. You can add mixed vegetables to their normal foods so that you increase the nutritional value of their diet. The vegetables contain important minerals and irons that are of great benefit in their bodies, click here to know more!


Your dog is also likely to love rice treat. This can be offered in different ways to your dog. Your dog can be fed delicious rice treats in form of rice cakes. This can be given as a dessert after they have completed taking their regular food. Rice will help your dog to lose excess weight and stay fit. A dog that is fit and slim will exercise well and play without straining a lot. They can easily move without dragging their weight. For more info abut dog treats, visit


When your pet has behaved well and you want to treat it at, you can offer a cooked egg. Most dogs love eggs and they are likely to enjoy once you offer them. You can cook and store the egg to give it when you want to reward the dog instantly. However, you should resist from giving your dog the egg yolk since it contains high fat and the cholesterol content is also high. You can also make plain popcorn without adding either salt or sugar. You can also cook plain pasta and give to the dog and your dog will definitely enjoy the treat as well as gain nutritionally.